Knowledge Is Power

First of all, what do we know about knowledge?  Knowledge is the understanding or familiarity with a concept.  It helps us to acquire new skills or to become better at what we do.  Knowledge also prevents us from making the same mistakes.

But what makes knowledge such a powerful tool?  Knowledge isn’t just about the acquisition of facts and statistics.  Knowledge can also include knowledge of oneself.  When you learn more about yourself as a person as well as your skills and abilities, you can know yourself more than anybody else.

We can feel truly confident and liberated when we know we have the power to make the best decisions for ourselves.  It gives us the power to overcome our weaknesses and meet the challenges life throws at us from time to time. 

Knowledge is Power

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Some are harder to overcome than others.  The answers in life are not always straightforward.  Knowledge helps us to extend our critical thinking skills; to think outside of the box so that we can find alternative solutions.  When we feel able to meet these challenges- our self-belief just soars! With knowledge comes confidence- confidence to take on the world!

With knowledge, we can advance not only mentally but morally. It helps us differentiate between right and wrong; to identify injustices and the root cause of them.  Knowledge gives us the moral strength to fight for what is right in the world. We can make positive changes not only in our lives but in society as a whole. 


However, no matter how knowledgeable you are, this means very little if this knowledge is contained. They say two heads think better than one.  When knowledge and expertise are combined, we can achieve great things




Sharing knowledge can help you connect with others, perform better and become stronger as a person. All of us possess some form of knowledge; what is the point of just keeping something so valuable trapped in our own heads? There’s no reason why we can’t share our learning with others in this digital age through blogging, posts, etc

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Knowledge is also the key to success. This is why it is vital to keep learning.  This doesn’t have to be through formal education.  There are so many ways to continue learning, through mentoring, shadowing, short courses, you can even learn by your previous mistakes! By pursuing knowledge, you will be able to understand something that could be truly valuable to you later on in life.  It can give you the support you may need for future endeavours or hard times.  It gives you something to fall back on if you need to, giving you a better sense of control. 

Knowledge doesn’t discriminate.  It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, the people that you know, learning is a process that is available to everyone. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you are not good enough, not clever enough. The only thing you need to change about yourself is your mindset.  Take the bull by the horns and take charge of your learning!  Make a plan to try and read or listen to a new audiobook every week; be curious, ask questions about the world around you; listen to what the experts have to say.  Take action. Make knowledge your most valuable tool and allow your mind and confidence to grow to unbelievable heights.

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