The Most Authentic Version Of You

There’s something about authenticity that evokes warmth, goodness, honesty, and originality. When we’re shopping, we place a higher value on those goods that are authentic and original.  We don’t want to settle for cheap imitations, so why do we settle for less within ourselves? 

Sometimes we settle for less because being our true selves isn’t always easy.  It sounds like it should be something that comes so naturally, but the truth is we habitually hide behind masks on a daily basis.  .

We’re surrounded by pressures all the time; we want to fit in, we want to please those around us, but this leads to a never-ending battle between the world outside and our inner world.  We become afraid of becoming the “real deal.” 

We create various identities that conform to what is expected of us.  We ensure our opinions are in keeping with the crowd we find ourselves surrounded by.  We may think of this as a way of getting by, but in reality, we become more and more lost

We wake up one day and start to question ourselves.  Do I feel comfortable in these clothes?  Do I enjoy spending time with these people?  Is that what I think, or is that what my friend thinks?  Before we know it, we’re already on the way to an identity crisis.

Dr. Seuss once wrote

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you.”  

He is spot on.


There is nobody in this entire world who is just like you.  What could be more remarkable than that! It’s about time we started to embrace what makes us unique and start living the most authentic version of ourselves!  It doesn’t have to be the big things that set you apart from others; it could be your unique features/quirks, your birthmark, the way you can’t sit still, your odd sense of humour.  Knowing these unique things about yourself is the start of a journey of self-discovery. 

To continue the journey of self-discovery, we have to accept that we may feel a little vulnerable along the way.  When we have been used to hiding behind several layers, being our true selves can make us feel exposed and open to judgment, but with time and practice, it gets a whole lot easier.  People will appreciate getting to know the real you, and trust me- you’re definitely worth knowing!

If you want to be the real deal, you have to keep your experiences authentic too.   Instagram may come with filters, but that doesn’t mean our lives should come with them too.  The more unfiltered our lives are, the closer our relationships with others become and the stronger bonds we have with the outside world.  To live life unedited is the greatest sense of freedom you could achieve.  Get out there and share the true you with the world- the world can’t wait to meet you!

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